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Breath and relax

Give yourself the space to find your inner peace again

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you spend hours rolling around in bed and wake up the next day tired and weak?

Moonti has been created to help you do just that: to get to rest, fall asleep faster and sleep better. The application works with a simple concept to clear your mind and concentrate only on the task of sleeping.

Take a deep breath now!

Did you actually know…

…that about 70 million people in the United States
alone suffer from some form of sleep problem?

The fast pace of everyday life, the constant time pressure and the
permanent digital availability hardly give us the space to take a
deep breath and come to rest.


83 % of people who suffer from depression also experience symptoms of insomnia


Insomnia is one of the major contributing factors to deaths in car accidents


30 % of overdoses involve medications commonly prescribed for insomnia.


Almost 80 % of women experience insomnia during pregnancy

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This is moonti

In just a few steps to calm down, relax and sleep.

The principle of the App is simple: you choose between two programs: 8 minutes or 20 minutes.

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After you have select the program duration, you choose a light color.

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Now you can start: Synchronize your breathing with the pulsating light. After some minutes, you will feel naturally relaxed and moonti will turns off automatically when the program is finished.

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We explained to you how it works, now it’s your turn to test moonti: